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Why Target Zero Chlorine Demand + UVC-50?

Older pools, no matter how well they seem to be maintained, often build up surface bacteria film (biofilm) within the pipes and equipment of their pools circulation system. Even with seemingly proper maintenance biofilm will build up on the surfaces within your swimming pool’s main body. Bioflim resists common forms of pool maintenance chemicals, such as chlorine, by offering its bacterial hosts a protective coating. In-turn those persons who are tasked to manage this problem often over chlorinate the pool to the point it becomes a danger to those who swim in it. Target Zero Chlorine Demand solves this issue by breaking down this protective coating to free the bacteria back into the water so that more traditional forms of water control may do their job, such as UV light. UV light is only able to kill bacteria if it passes by its lamp. By using Target Zero Chlorine Demand in combination with UVC-50, you will concur your pool water management issue and at the same time ride yourself of the harmful effects chlorine does to your body.

Swimming Pool Biofilm Life Cycle

Biofilm Pipe - Preconditioning Image Biofilm Pipe - Formation Image Biofilm Pipe - Surface Hardening Image

Does this look familiar? Biofilm preconditioning stage may be a slow process for pool owners who practice proper maintenance. However biofilm is inevitable given enough time. For the under maintained pool, biofilm can take hold much faster.

In the preconditioning of biofilm, bacteria may group together enough to produce the building blocks of this stage. They begin to form a slim coat which then can be transferred to surfaces within your pool. As more bacteria are captured by this coating it begins to take hold and expand to allow for the formation stage. Once the development of the initial coating builds up it will start to collect both organic and inorganic contaminants by volume. In addition to this bacteria is able to thrive under these conditions and rapidly multiply. As layers upon layers continue to form over time surface hardening occurs to the underlying layers and may become very difficult to remove. At this stage mechanical removal or good ol elbow grease may be required to ride your system of this infestation. During both the formation stage and early surface hardening stage biofilms continuously release new bacteria into the pool water creating a never ending cycle of havoc.

Where is Target Zero Chlorine Demand Sold

Currently Target Zero Chlorine Demand may only be purchased by Distributors, Service Specialists and National Business Accounts through SBM Systems L.L.C. If you are a Residential pool owner and wish to convert to a chlorine free experience, please have your Service Specialist contact SBM Systems L.L.C. by Email: sbmsystems@sbmsystems.net and they may be able to help them get setup through a Distributor.

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