Biofilm Lifecycle Pie Image

Biofilm Lifecycle

Biofilm has 3 primary development stages. All of which affect your enclosed water systems long term health. Biofilm removal is esential to long term maintenance of your Swimming Pool, Spa, Water Park or Cooling Tower.

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Target Zero Chlorine Demand + UV-C Image

UV-C Works!

UV-C has gained a pore reputation within the water treatment industry over the past decade due to it's inablility to kill bacteria that does not pass its light element. Surface Bacteria Film (Biofilm) is the reason for this. Combining UV-C with Target Zero Chlorine Demand solves this issue.

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Chlorine is a Pesticide Agencies Image

Chlorine = pesticide.

Health Organizations have classified chlorine gas as a pesticide. Worse yet, several wars throughout history have used chlorine to poison enemies with the intention of damaging their respritory system.

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Understanding Biofilm. It’ll blow your mind!

Few people, including so called professionals, understand the complexities on proper maintenance of enclosed water systems such as swimming pools, spas, water parks or water cooling systems. Once you fully wrap your mind around the real issue, only then will we be able to take proper steps towards solving these issues.

Oh yeah, Chlorine is that bad! See for yourself.

Chlorine is one of the most harmfull chemicals that we knowingly ingest through drinking water and through our skin. Yet everyone keeps accepting this tragity as a regular practice. Yikes!

Meet your FINAL solution. Checkmate . . . Chlorine.

With our new understanding of Biofilm which has been present long before we stepped on this earth, we now may focus our attention on solving the real hurdles associated with managing our enclosed water systems by removing biofilm.